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EQUILIBRIUM by Gonespian anti-hair loss skin stimulant box of 12 vials


  • It is an excellent anti-hair loss cosmetic adjuvant to EFFECTIVELY combat and prevent hair loss
  • Thanks to its specific formula of PLANKTON extract (SALINE ART) it will definitely stimulate the metabolism of the follicle cells, CONTRIBUTING TO THEIR REGENERATION
  • Furthermore, the high concentration of proteins, vitamins and placental enzymes guarantee skin balance, revitalizing and stimulating microcirculation.
  • Rebalances skin irritated by annoying itching or dry skin loss (not to be confused with dandruff); it has an antiseptic and soothing action on the hair shaft
  • How to use: we recommend washing your hair with AGILITY ANTI-HAIR LOSS Bath with Plankton Complex by Gonespian, then with damp hair, apply the lotion to the scalp and massage delicately until completely absorbed. DO NOT RINSE, then proceed with styling.
  • Made in Italy, in the province of Milan in the Gonespian laboratories


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