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Home Care shampoo+milk ANTI-FRIZZ MOISTURIZING 200+200 ml


  • Professional anti-frizz shampoo and milk for hair
  • Without SLES and without Parabens
  • With antistatic and hydrating action; nourishing milk proteins
  • Suitable for all hair types, they help regulate the most rebellious hair, making it docile and shiny.
  • Thanks to milk proteins, the use of shampoo and milk allows for a reconstruction effect, i.e. you will have a greater structure of the hair papilla
  • How to use: apply the right amount of shampoo to damp hair and emulsify, then rinse thoroughly; then pass over the lengths and the milk and spread it well and proceed with drying: The milk can also be used on dry hair, without rinsing it 
  • Made in Italy, in Rome.


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