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LV3 POMADE 500 ml


  • Professional hair pomade, used in the best men’s and barber hairdressing salons; in women’s salons, it is also used for masculine hairstyles
  • Leaves hair shiny, shiny and gives extreme hold
  • The Pomade stands out as it is rich in keratin, leaves no residue, dries quickly leaving a feeling of freshness
  • It guarantees the possibility of restyling throughout the day and the following day just pass a little water on the hairstyle and you will have the same hold; it does not leave annoying residues
  • Extreme long-lasting hold, prevents the formation of frizz
  • How to use: apply the right amount of product to your hands, rub them and apply to your hair to give the desired hairstyle
  • 500 ml jar


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