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  • Professional MOSER PRIMAT 1230 cutlery, certainly a remarkable one in Moser’s professional sector, is a device that, although refreshed in components and in the image, has maintained the characteristics of durability, durability, power and quality when and when ‘Entered the market some thirty years ago
  • It is just a wire cutter and is characterized by having the sharp cutting head to extend durability, plus the polarized induction motor for continuous use, the MULTICLICK system with six cut-off positions from 0.1 to 3 mm, it also has a very low noise level, there is a 3 mm reinforced working cable and 46 mm wide blade width
  • Equipped with 2 upgrades, technology and construction made in Germany.
  • DISPOSAL: Let’s remember that the device when it is to be thrown can not be put together with municipal or domestic waste but brought to the recycling points where it will be FREE (direct.UE 2002).