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SHAVING GEL L3VEL3 transparent shaving gel 500 ml


  • Professional shaving gel, non-irritating and super hydrating; leaves the skin fresh
  • Thanks to its transparent formula it allows a shave without the risk of cutting yourself as you can see where the razor blades have already passed
  • The product is concentrated, so a smaller quantity will be used than another
  • Creates a protective layer between the blade and the skin, protecting it from cuts, scrapes and, most importantly, razor burns
  • Allows for a smooth and clean shave
  • How to use: Moisten the skin and apply a small amount of gel on the fingertips or directly on the area to be shaved; massage the gel to distribute it evenly and proceed with shaving in the direction in which the hair grows, then rinse with water and apply a nice cologne After Shave Spray Cologne Aqua for example.


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